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Fully managed Care Plans for your website

The conventional way of developing and maintaining websites for customers involves a lot of uncertainty. We often get questions about what is included, how to use the website once it’s launched, and of course – cost!

This uncertainty is a barrier for customers who know they need a website, but are concerned about the process and don’t know where to begin.

Conventional development

The traditional way we develop websites involves a custom quote depending on the needs of the website, 50% of the total due at signing, and the other 50% due at launch. Then the monthly hosting fees begin for keeping the website active.
The problem with this method is website technology and best practices change quickly, and websites often become outdated within 3 years.

Software used on the website may become outdated or obsolete, and need to be removed or replaced. Similar to your personal computer, mobile phone, or tablet, which usually require ongoing updates to stay secure and speedy – your website is no exception.

The needs for a website often grow or change over time, as they should! The features you needed when you first launched the website often change as your business adapts.

A tedious cycle

We urge our customers to rebuild and redesign to keep their website updated, secure and performing well for their business. This cycle repeats every 3 years or so, but it can be confusing and tiresome for business owners.
The initial cost of developing or re-designing a website is a hurdle for most businesses. So many website owners postpone these upgrades, which further causes security and performance concerns for the website and server.

A better way – Website Care Plans

To solve this, A-1 is offering Website Care Plans, which are completely managed service plans for your website. With website care plans, there is low upfront cost to develop a new website. Choose a plan based on the features you need, and we’ll design, launch, and fully manage the website for you.

All website care plans include unlimited content, software and maintenance updates. This way, if features on the website become outdated we can replace as needed. This prevents the need to rebuild on a cycle and ensures a longer lifespan for your website. Everything is actively maintained, your website can adapt quickly to the needs of your business, and it’s all included in the monthly fee.
We are requiring a 2-year commitment with Website Care Plans.

Current customers and websites

If it’s been 3 years or more since your website was designed and launched, then it likely needs some attention. Content, software, design, performance and accessibility should be reviewed for your website to make sure you are compliant and your website is performing well for your business. We can provide an audit of your current website which outlines any potential issues, so you know where you stand.

We will NOT require any current web customers to upgrade to the new care plans. Alternatively, if you’d like to keep your existing website plan you can do so, and we can provide an estimate for developing your website using the traditional method. Please let us know if you’d like a traditional estimate.

The advantages of the Care Plan instead are:

  • Low up-front design cost
  • Includes content and maintenance updates, no extra charge
  • No need to rebuild again in 3 years
  • Easier to adapt the website with new features as needed
We believe a Website Care Plan is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your website and obtain the best service going forward.
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