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How Color Influences Your Customers

Color psychology is a powerful marketing tool businesses should use to their advantage. Colors can play a surprisingly significant role in customers’ opinions of your brand. In fact, according to MarketSplash, 85% of purchasing decisions are impacted by color. Here are a few ways you can use color to help your business reach new heights.

First Impression

The color schemes you use in your branding are critical when it comes to making the right first impression. Dark colors like navy blue or black create a look of sophistication when paired with white accents. Soothing colors like baby blue and tranquil green create a feeling of calm. Bright colors like yellow generate more energy and excitement. Consider how you want customers to feel about your business when selecting the colors for your logo, promotional products, and everything on your website.

Purchasing Decisions

Color has a significant impact on whether a customer chooses to purchase something. It may even lead them to make impulse purchases. Red is a color that represents passion and makes customers more likely to buy an item. Other bright colors like hot pink and neon yellow also create an excited feeling to help encourage more spontaneous purchases. Keep this knowledge in mind as you design the logo that will go on your packaging.

Brand Recognition

Colors play a crucial role in brand recognition. Using the same colors for logos, promotional materials, and online content helps your brand stick out more in customers’ minds. When customers see a particular color scheme repeatedly, they’ll be more likely to associate that scheme with your brand. A graphic design expert can help you craft the perfect logo, and then you can use its color scheme for other branded content.

Industry Colors

Many businesses use colors that go hand in hand with their industry. For example, blue is often seen as representing professionalism and trust. That’s why it’s used so much in medicine and law. Red is known to make you feel hungrier, and as such, many restaurants use it in their logos. Light pink often invokes feelings of youthfulness and beauty, making it ideal for businesses in the beauty industry. Following industry color trends like these can go a long way when it comes to increasing your sales.

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